Central University

People Educating People

Higher Education Through Social Networking

Central University (CU)  is an online university/social network that allows users to connect with one another  to share or gain knowledge which will result in furthering knowledge, helping individuals gain job skills, and obtaining degrees.

Also users have an opportunity to assist us in establishing policies and procedures.

Here is what Central University can do for you:

Share Your Knowledge With Others

Enroll In Free Courses To Advance Skills

Take Courses To Earn A Degree, Gain Skills, Or Learn Something New

 Our Mission

To inform, educate, and connect learners to the best online higher education experience, thus enabling individuals to reach their career aspirations, achieve academic goals, and produce meaningful research; as well as provide access to higher education to anyone who has a desire to learn and better themselves.

Earn A Degree

Users can earn a degree by taking series of courses over time from other users. Proof of college level writing and math ability are required to pursue a degree from CU. We offer Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees in Business and Education. More degrees will be offered to our learners as more users participate.

Assist In Creating An Online University

We are giving users a unique opportunity to assist us in creating an online university . If you have an interest in helping us in developing our degree programs, accreditation process, policies, procedures, and course catalog.free.

Update Skills or Learn Something New

Users can take courses from a variety of users to update skills or learn new things.

Create A Profile And Share Knowledge By Teaching Others Online Or Learn From Others As A Learner

Create a profile, post courses, introduce yourself, list your accomplishments, and share your credentials as Learner or Instructor.

Our History

CU is a collaborative effort initiated in early 2010 by a few current and ex faculty and staff of various California colleges and universities from the Bay Area. This group organized with the purpose of creating an online social network that learners and instructors could connect resulting in learners gaining job skills or earning a degree and instructors gaining online teaching experience.

Our Goals

We want to assist anyone in obtaining new skills and knowledge.

We want to provide access to quality higher education despite an individual's socio-economic or academic background.

We want to assist anyone who wants to obtain online teaching experience.

This may sound silly or unimaginable, but our ultimate goal is to one day become a fully accredited institution that offers any and every degree program to our users.




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