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Central University (CU) will be dedicated to achieving  its mission as an interactive and responsive  institution of the United States and world: To enrich the lives of  our learners, to transmit knowledge to its learners along with the necessary skills  to complete degrees gain, job skills, and to expand the base of knowledge through academic achievement and research.


For all students, CU will  emphasizes the following goals:

  • In-depth knowledge of a major field of study.
  • Broad understanding of the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts.
  • Skills in communication and in critical analysis.
  • An appreciation on Multi-culturalism from a domestic and global perspective gained through communicating with people of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Our Commitment

CU will be a comprehensive institution of higher education. CU will continue to have as its goal a  tradition as an uncompromising institution that offers access to higher education to everyone, yielding a mix of economic backgrounds, ages,  cultures,  for teaching, learning, gaining job skills,  and research. CU will take pride in its commitment to teaching and learning, with instructors that are active in scholarship, research, and technological innovation.